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vVv Gaming


  • Bojan "vVv Bagzli" Vecanski


    Aspiring developer with a passion for gaming and leadership.  Bojan is currently 26 years old and lives in Canada.  As the president of vVv Gaming, his main goal is to build an active and successful community.  In addition to his primary goal, he hopes to pass on his knowledge and experience to those around him, so that one day they can continue leading vVv Gaming towards success.

  • Ernesto "vVv Pherzghul" Rojas

    Lead Graphic Designer

    A veteran graphic designer with over 10 years of work experience from the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Highly competitive turned into casual, but still enjoy close matches! Latest game playing: Overwatch


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    Billy "vVv NaturaL" Delaney

    Social Media Manager

    Billy "NaturaL" Delaney is a 23 year old college student studying Business Administration with a deep passion for eSports. He currently fronts our Social Media team and can be found memeing along with the rest of the internet throughout the day. In his spare time he enjoys watching and competing in sports as well as playing any kind of competitive game.

  • Sampson "vVv Saturn" Locke

    Forum & Website Administrator

    Sam 'Saturn' Locke is a 20 year old living in Seattle, Washington. Sam is currently enrolled at Seattle University pursuing a degree in International Business to start a career in Community Management. He has been an essential part in vVv Gaming since August 11, 2014 and is currently our Forum Admin.

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    Ryan "vVv Mohulis" Graf

    Event Manager: Supersonic Series

  • Peter "vVv Petey" Chase

    Petey is a 27 year old born and raised in Connecticut.  Petey works full-time security and in his spare time, organizes and moderates tournaments for vVv Gaming.  He also likes to play Competitive Rocket League and streams to twitch.  Petey is always around the vVv Gaming Discord to help out if needed.