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Welcome to the New vVv Website!

Posted on May 25, 2014 by Rob

Hey everyone!


Today is a very exciting day for all of us at vVv Gaming! If you’re reading this, you can most certainly guess why.


Welcome to the new and improved!


In about mid-December of last year, staff began the discussion of our website and what could be done to improve the experience of members, from when they first come to the site, to when they apply and become a member.


We came to the conclusion early on that it would be best to build from scratch, on a new CMS (Content Management System). So the search began. Initially, I wanted to go with an external developer and designer who was well known for creating some of the most well-known esports team sites out there. After discussing what we wanted out of the site, and doing some research of what CMS and plan would make the most sense for us, we decided on SilverStripe. SilverStripe is an award winning and extremely powerful, open source CMS. At this stage, we had a rough idea of how we wanted the new site to feel and function, but still didn’t have a developer or designer to execute on the vision.


Through our discussions laying out the sitemap, Bagzli, our MMO Division Manager asked for the opportunity to give it a shot. To take on the task of coding the entire site himself, while also learning the ins-and-outs of a foreign CMS in SilverStripe. Skeptical at first, I wanted to go with the safe option, using a well established developer with solid results. In our next meeting, we decided to give the project to Bagzli, who would then partner with Pherzghul as his main designer.


After a few weeks of deliberating, we had a team. Now, we had to go deeper in what we wanted the site to accomplish, what features we wanted (to add, improve and iterate on from the previous design) and how we wanted our users to feel while using it. Here’s what we came up with:


  • Performance: The old site had a load time of over 20 seconds due to unnecessary widgets and videos. We fixed this by removing widgets on the homepage entirely and focusing on a simplistic design that was performanced focused.

  • Culture: vVv is a unique organization. We have one of the most unique mission statements in all of esports and it just made sense for us to put that front and center of the new site.

  • Community: We wanted the site to have a community and historic feel which was accomplished through the black and white pictures in the background. We wanted our users to recognize that something was different about vVv while loading in.

  • Discovery: The purpose of the new homepage should accomplish two things: Allow or fans and community to learn about our organization, players and community and also bring those people into the community through content and a intuitive design that shares our application process.

  • Keep it Simple: We can always add new features to the site, but what is the minimum that we could launch with? We asked ourselves the important question. “Why” to every page and image so we made sure there wasn’t any unnecessary stuff detrimental to the user experience.

I, personally am very proud of what we accomplished. This site is truly for the community by the community. Bagzli and Pherzghul’s commitment and dedication to this project is a true testament that with the passion and aptitude, anything is possible.


The site itself is still in beta. It’s by no means finished. We’ll need your critical feedback to continue to improve and iterate on it. You can do so by filling out this survey, which should only take a few minutes. For doing so, you’ll have a chance to win a new SteelSeries Wireless Sensei Mouse.


Big thanks and hugs everyone who put their time and hard work into this project. Without you, this wouldn’t have been made possible!


Special Thanks to:


vVv Bagzli

vVv Pherzghul

vVv Darkcide

vVv Buzz



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