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Season 6 of the League of Legends Amateur Draft League!

Posted on July 23, 2015 by Saturn


Why hello there! We’re super excited to be bringing you the Sixth Season of our Amateur Draft League! Last season we have had some intense matches, especially with Riot releasing so many key patches and meta-shifting reworks to the Fields of Justice. We also introduced our ADL Look Up page, so you could keep track of your stats to make sure you're consistently beating out and rising above the competition. Other small (but pretty awesome) things that were introduced were our Theme Nights and the EPIC Trash Talk Thread! Even though Season 5 was a great ride for many (especially vVv ShySlushy and Sun Down...), and not so great for very few (looking at all the Shaco bans, Joxn!), we're keeping our eyes forward to bring you an even better Sixth Season!


Changes based on your suggestions:


  • We have dropped Tuesdays. The ADL will now be every Sunday and Friday at 9pm EST (6pm PST), starting on July 26th and will continue to September 20th.


  • Removed MVP voting.  

It was brought to our attention that while it may have been an "okay" way to recognize players from the winning team, it was extremely ineffective for the losing team. Instead, it will be strongly encouraged to recognize any players who make a large impact on the outcome of the game, who are strong shot callers, etc. This can apply to both winning and losing teams and feedback will continue as normal.



  • New Champion Tier and Challenger Tier. 

The first 4 weeks of the ADL will be exactly like before to let our ADL ELO stabilize. At the beginning of Week 5, we will have the top 20 highest rated players (based on ADL ELO) play against each other in a separate draft called "Champion Tier", while the remaining players play as normal in another draft called the "Challenger Tier". People originally placed in the Champion Tier can fall out if they lose too much ADL ELO, and people in the Challenger Tier can move into the Champion Tier if they win enough ADL ELO. People who win/lose games while in Champion Tier will have points recorded COMPLETELY SEPARATE from their ADL ELO. At the end of the season, the Top 20 players as determined by Champion Tier points will compete in a separate 20-man tournament to determine the 1st through 4th place Riot prizing. More detailed information about the intricacies of the Champion Tier can be found below.


  • Adjustments to captain selection 

It has come to our attention that minor differences in rank can lead to a consistent disadvantage for captains if they are constantly forced into a last-pick position against similarly ranked opponents. As a result we will be randomizing captains within the following tiers: Plat 5-3, Plat 1 and 2, Diamond 5-3, Diamond 2-1 <50 LP, Diamond 1 >= 50 LP, Master, Challenger


  • All-Star matches.

If there is enough interest in playing/watching the All-Star games, we will have them! These matches will likely be voluntary games with participants voted on by all of you lovely people 



How to participate:


  1. Join our mumble server (How to Setup Mumble) and hop in the "League of Legends" -> "ADL" channel.
  2. Make sure you join the "vVv ADL" channel in the LoL Game Client AT OR BEFORE THE START TIME.
  3. Once on Mumble, all participants should edit their Mumble comment to include the soloqueue rank of their highest ranked account, In-Game Name, and their preferred roles (Top, Mid, Jungle, ADC, Support).
  • This can be done by right clicking on your name and going to "Change Comment".


THAT'S IT! Hang out and wait for a staff member's instruction.



Official ADL Rules:


Number of teams: 2-40
Number of participants: 20-200
Ranking System: Each participant will start at 2000 ELO and will gain / lose more ELO depending on their team's and the opponents team's average ELO and the outcome (W/L) for each game. The scoring system breaks down as follows:

  • Weeks 1-4: All players will be placed in the same pool for drafting and ELO will be adjusted based on the outcome of each game.

  • Weeks 4-8: The top 20 players to attend will be placed in a separate "Champion Tier" draft. The remaining players will be placed in a separate pool called the Challenger Tier. Players in the Champion Tier will have their ADL ELO adjusted based on the outcome of each game, but also gain Champion Tier points for winning games. One point will be awarded per win. The players in the Challenger Tier play for ADL ELO and a chance to win their way into the Champion Tier.
  • Week 9: The top 20 players based on Champion Tier points (ties will be broken by ADL ELO) will participate in a 20-person tournament to determine the 1st-4th place prizing payouts. Any remaining prize slots will be payed to the top remaining players based on Champion Tier points, with ties broken by ADL ELO, and finally by ADL ELO. Riot provides the prizes and we will provide more details as to the exact prizes we've been approved for once Riot approves the event.

You will need to have a minimum of 8 games total played in the ADL (so 4 nights) to normalize your ADL ELO, which will qualify you for prizes and the Champion Tier. 
Captain and Team Assignment: Captains will be the highest ranked players in accordance with the amount of possible teams. If a player is uncomfortable being captain, or is unfamiliar with the player pool, the captain may use the first pick to select someone who would then draft the rest of the team. The lowest ranked captain will be seeded at Alpha and then it will go in ascending order with the highest rated player on either Delta, Foxtrot or Hotel depending on the number of players.

In order to prevent captains with similar skill levels from suffering a disadvantage due to slight difference in soloqueue rank, captain pick order will be randomized within the following tiers:


  • Platinum 5-3
  • Platinum 1 and 2
  • Diamond 5-3
  • Diamond 2-1 < 50 LP
  • Diamond 1 >= 50 LP
  • Master
  • Challenger


Matchmaking: To determine team matchmaking, each night will be randomized using the list randomizer found at!
Picking Order: First, captains are selected and assigned a team designation, then four rounds of picking commence. 1st Round : Alpha -> Last team, 2nd Round: Last Team -> Alpha, 3rd Round: Alpha -> Last Team, 4th Round Last Team -> Alpha. 
Hosting and Side Choice: Hosting will be determined during the matchmaking process. Each team will have an opportunity to play on blue side for one game each night, and one chance to play on purple/red side for one game each night. The exact determination is based on the number of teams that show up.
Pausing/Connection Issues: Pauses may be done as necessary. If someone disconnects or is having lag issues, standard procedure is to state that in all chat and then pause the game. The integrity of the match is the standard. Each team will be allowed 7.5 minutes of pause time for lag and disconnection issues, and teams may use both of their times (up to 15 minutes) on a single player/issue if so needed. If an issue occurs before two minutes or first blood, the game can be remade with no penalty to either side.
Leaving/AFK: If a player is having connection issues that cannot be resolved, rage quits or inexplicably leaves the game, that player will be given a 2 night event suspension on the first offense and a season ban on the second offense. We want players who are willing to commit to the designated two games and want ensure that we do not welcome those who are careless of or willfully hostile toward the experience of their teammates. A substitute will be found if there are any games remaining that need to be played.
Replacement/Substitute Players: If a player does need to be replaced, the sub will be required to be of the same solo queue rank or lower. Extenuating circumstances can be made for up to 3 tiers up (Gold 4 being replaced by a Gold 1) but never higher than a division and only with the consent of the opposing teams captain and only if finding a player equal to or lower is unavailable. If a substitute is unable to be located, the team will forfeit the game.

Please take the time to read and familiarize yourself with the above rules! You are expected to know the rules before you join Mumble and participate!!!


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