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vVv Gaming announces the CoD ADL Beta!

Posted on May 13, 2015 by Rob



vVv Gaming announces the CoD ADL Beta!


vVv Gaming’s Call of Duty division is proud to announce of the CoD Amateur Draft League (ADL) Beta! We are excited at the opportunity to provide an awesome competitive experience in Call of Duty and also across all of vVv. We are excited at the opportunity to provide an awesome competitive experience in Call of Duty and also across all of vVv. For all those who are serious about improving your competitive gameplay and want the opportunity to play at a high skill level, join us starting Monday, May 18th!


Following UMG Ontartio, we will kickoff the CoD ADL Beta every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:00pm PM EST / 6:00pm PT.  With intro to the Beta comes many new changes and additions. We still kept all the things you know and loved from the Alpha as well!


Getting involved is easy:


  • Pre-Register for the ADL HERE

  • Please be sure to be signed up by 8:30 P.M EST on the night of the event to have your name available in the pool of selection for captains.

  • Getting on our mumble servers. Here are the few easy steps after getting mumble setup!:

  • Join the in-game channel ‘Call of Duty’ by 8:30 EST/5:30 EST.

  • After join the sub-channel ‘Call of Duty Draft League’

  • Mumble is available for mobile devices as well through the app store and Google play store! They set up is all the same across all platforms! Its incredibly easy!

  • Having tech issues? In game chat, skype, and/or on our forums, talk to an admin to get assistance. (See list of admins below)


Getting into the game lobby opened by an ADL admin by 8:30 P.M EST:


  • Being in our CoD ADL skype channel that contains all our attendees. (Please feel free to personal message the admins on the forums and/or through Xbox live to be added to our Skype channel.)

  • Arrive a little early? No worries! Feel free to chat with our admins and other attendees to facilitate yourself with our community and we will love to get to know you!


If you are new to the CoD ADL and/or want to read up on all the details about this event, check the full details HERE!






Q: Is There a skill level that I need to be to play?


A: No. It is all done through the Private Match Lobbies so all attachments will be unlocked.



Q: Do I have to be a vVv member to get involved?


A: No. The ADL is open to all CoD players NA or EU. The timezones are friendlier for NA players. 



Q: What happens if I don't get drafted?


A: The remaining players spectate the matches in spectator mode, play public matches, or group up and play Ranked (Depending on interest)



CoD ADL Admins:


vVv Bizkit

vVv Vall

vVv Sacred

vVv B Easy

vVv Deadaim




Content Creators:


vVv Deadaim

vVv Falcodile