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Behind the Player: Interview with vVv Kaldi

Posted on May 28, 2014 by Charlie Lualin



Behind The Player: Interview with vVv Kaldi


"vVv Kaldi"




My name is Charlie "vVv BuLLeT" Lualin and I am the Sports Division Manager for vVv Gaming.  I am here today to bring you guys another interview from one of our sponsored Hearthstone players:  vVv Kaldi.  Kaldi has an exceptional pro-gaming background as a Starcraft player that he is looking to bring to Hearthstone with the help of vVv Gaming.



vVv Gaming:  Hello Kaldi, can you tell us a little bit about yourself for those who do not know you?

Kaldi:  Hello, I am a 21 year old business student from Reykjavik, Iceland.  I am a former Starcraft player and played full time most of 2013 in Switzerland and played in a lot of events during that time like Dreamhack Summer or Dreamhack Valencia.  I switched to Hearthstone in the beginning of 2014 when my Starcraft Contract with Reason gaming ended and have not looked back since.



vVv Gaming:  How does being a former full time professional Starcraft player help you manage your time between gaming and school?

Kaldi:  It has helped me manage my time better, i knew from the start that i couldn't do everything at once so i have been taking it one step and a time and prioritizing.



vVv Gaming:  What is it like being a gamer in Iceland?  Are there any gaming scenes that are different in your county compared to others?

Kaldi:  It's really nice actually, there are a lot of high tech companies here (ccp for example) and a lot of cultural acceptance for gaming.  The League of legend community here dwarfs everything else with over 1% actively playing there are regular lans here but on the smaller scale compared to an international standard.  The community is a lot more concentrated here as most of the country lives in the same city (Reykjavik) so id would say the country has a way stronger gaming scene then would be expected of a country of 300.000.



vVv Gaming:  With Hearthstone constantly evolving with updates to cards and a new expansion coming, is it difficult to consistently perform at a high level?

KaldiNo i wouldn't say so the changes have been quite slow compared to Magic and Starcraft so i wouldn't say that there is a problem keeping up.



vVv Gaming:  Speaking of updates, with the Curse of Naxxramus coming out, what do you think of the revealed cards so far?

KaldiThe new cards seem to fall in the category of either incredibly strong, or weak and situational.  I think the new card Rebirth is currently the strongest and will change the way shamans play completely, i think they will be quite likely to focus their whole deck around deathrattles, ancestral recalls and rebirths now.  I feel like the druid card will be quite solid for removal and buff the token decks but probably not be an every deck kind of card.  The warrior weapon looks solid and should be in most decks as it really synergize well with acolytes and armorsmiths.  In terms of the Neutral minions i think most of them will only be played by shamans and token druids, I can see the Shade of Naxxramus for example become quite overpowered with windfury for an otk scenario.

Kaldi vs Wilko cast by Husky


vVv Gaming:  What deck or decks do you feel are the most underrated and what deck or decks do you feel are the most overrated in the game?  Why?

KaldiI would say that the Aggro hunter is definitely the most underrated deck at the moment, people have written hunter off with the nerf of Unleash the Hounds but the core of hunter is still there and it still is a great counter deck.  The Miracle rogue Deck is the most overrated in my opinion, it is incredibly strong, but as most combo decks is very draw dependent which hurts its consistency in tournament play.

vVv Gaming:  With Dreamhack Summer coming up, who do you see as your biggest threats?  Who do you think will come out on top?

Kaldi:  Dreamhack summer will definitely be a very strong tournament, there has not been a participants list, but of the people that I know are the guys from Curse, a few MyM players and my teammates in vVv should be the my biggest obstacles in this tournament.  If I had to name one player who was most likely to take the entire thing id say Kolento or Lifecoach they have both been playing really well recently.

vVv Gaming: Where do you see Hearthstone in the future?  Do you think it can become as popular as the table top card games?  For example, Magic the Gathering.

KaldiI think Hearthstone has great potential and will grow for at least the next year, i think in terms of competitive play we will see increases in bigger tournaments, but i doubt it will reach the level of Starcraft or League of Legends as the game has a RNG factor and a very limited cardbase compared to games like Magic.  In terms of popularity i think it is possible for Hearthstone to become as big as magic and its well on its way as it stands in terms of casual play but i believe most of the competitive card games will stick with Magic.
vVv Gaming:  With Hearthstone being a relatively new game attracting people everyday, what advice do you have for new player?  How do you go about building your deck?  How do you get those big epic and Legendary cards quickly?  Ranked/Casual or Arena?

Kaldi:  I would recommend just diving in there and start playing, see how the classes play how much you like the game and after about a week either buy 40 packs or just continue to grind.  With 40 packs (50 dollars) you can get a great start and most of the non Legendary cards you need, that should allow you to get enough cards for several decks.  In terms of Ranked vs Arena for grinding i would recommend buying cards over both of them.  If the player prefers Arena over ranked then there isn't as big of a need to obtain epics and legendaries as you get a drafted deck in every arena.  When i go about building my deck i try to have a plan for the playstyle i want to go to, make sure i have enough draw to not run out of cards, a decent mana curve and enough removal to keep me safe.



vVv Gaming:  Thanks for sitting down with us and good luck at Dreamhack this summer Kaldi!

Kaldi:  Thanks!