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Announcing Season 5 of the Amateur Draft League

Posted on April 08, 2015 by vVv Gaming

Hello everyone! We are proud to announce our 5th season of our Amateur Draft League, after 4 successful seasons and 1,000+ participants, we plan on making this one even better! We humble ourselves on being able to provide the best competitive experience in League of Legends through the ADL, you only play with others serious about being competitive and striving for victory. We'll be launching on April 17th, so make sure to be there!
We are keeping some things the same within the ADL, such as our times and days for the event. We are changing how players are going to be grouped this season. The top 20 players will be grouped into our "Master Tier" the rest will be grouped together as normal. The top 20 will be determined by Solo/Duo Queue ranks for the first two weeks, then we will be basing it on your ADL ELO.

We hope to see all of our consistent players and as many new faces we can this season! 

Participating is EASY!

  • Join our mumble server (How to Setup Mumble)  
  • Move to in the "Draft League" channel.
  • Join the "vVv ADL" channel in the LoL Game Client AT OR BEFORE THE START TIME.
  • Right click on your name in Mumble  and "Change Comment" to edit your Mumble comment with your SoloQ rank, In-Game Name, and your preferred roles (Top, Mid, Jungle, ADC, Support).
  • THAT'S IT! Hang out and wait for a vVv staff member to guide you to an awesome competitive experience.


If you are new or simply want all the ADL details check this out.