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Amateur Draft League Launches!

Posted on May 25, 2014 by Cameron



Hey Summoners! vVv Gaming is excited to announce the official launch of our Amateur Draft League. This league is the final product that we have been refining over the past four months in the Alpha and Beta stages. These events will now be hosted every Sunday, Tuesday and Friday at 9pm EST (6pm PST) on the vVv Mumble server for any aspiring League of Legends player, both in and outside of vVv Gaming. I began these draft nights as a way to introduce a more competitive edge in the vVv community, but then saw the dire need for such a system in the entire League of Legends community. The core of video games is a social and fun experience and any team game is more enjoyable when played in such a format. Every LoL player knows the absolute terror associated with solo queue, and the ADL seeks to provide a self-reliant outlet for your high quality 5v5 needs while avoiding the toxicity and disorganization of solo queue.


We have come up with a complete set of rules and procedures which will ensure the quality of the game nights as well as a system which guarantees to reward the players who prove themselves more talented. Respect is paramount to the success of these nights, and part of the reasons we've seen such growth as a community in general since their inception. We have had just under 90 unique summoners attend, and many of our own members have risen from Platinum to Diamond, and many Silvers to Gold, thanks to the feedback given and level of play they experience from these Draft Nights. Additionally, vVv Gaming will now also be providing a commentated stream of these game nights on our Twitch channel, allowing for players to gain exposure as well a provide a venue for those who were unable to be drafted to stay involved. This also replicates the unique situation for many players where they are in the competitive 5v5 atmosphere, being casted live, with teammates who are listening to them, all while competing for prizes. 




How to get involved:


  • You just need to join our mumble server in the "Draft League" channel and the in-game "vVv ADL" channel in the LoL client AT OR BEFORE the start time.

  • If you have any issues setting up Mumble, please arrive 15 minutes before the ADL (8:45EST) and a Staff member will assist you.

  • Once on Mumble, all participants should edit their Mumble comment to their solo queue rank as well as their top 2-3 preferred roles. This can be done by right clicking on your name in Mumble and going to "Change comment".

  • For fairness in team selection, all participants should be present at the start time so that all captains have access to the same set of participants when making team selections. If you really would like to participate and know you are going to be a little late (class, work, etc) and it's within a reasonable amount of time, please private message vVv Sun Down or vVv SugarBear so we can accommodate you.

  • Bring a friend! All they have to be able to do is set up Mumble in order to participate! So any and all who want to play in a high level, competitive 5v5 environment are welcome!

  • If you do not get picked, don't despair! We will have the remaining players either play normals, ranked 5s, or ARAMs (depending on majority interest).



The Stream:


We will be broadcasting two of our highlighted matched each night on our Twitch stream: These streams will be in 1080p and will be hosted by vVv's dedicated commentators Kyle and Justin. This stream will provide viewers the opportunity to not only see what the draft nights are about but also to view the quality of the gameplay.







All of these rank points and MVP points will now begin to count towards winning prizes! At the end of every two month cycle, vVv Gaming will be giving away three separate prizes. The players eligible for these prizes will be the players with the most overall rank points, the player with the most MVP points, and the player with the highest attendance. These players will then be given a choice at our prize pool of a SteelSeries Rival optical mouse, SteelSeries 5HV3 Headset and this vVv Shirt! As the league grows in size, our goal is to introduce bigger prizes including Riot Support and Stream Giveaways for viewers.


We'd like to thank our long-time partner, SteelSeries, for supporting the inaugural season of our Amateur Draft League! 



 For more information about the ADL including the official ruleset, discussion and more, please visit the official ADL forum thread.