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About Rocket League Division

Founded in September of 2015, the Rocket League Supersonic Series has become an icon within the vVv Gaming community. It has seen players of all skill level compete in weekly community tournaments. With competition and community at the core, the Supersonic Series aims to be the pinnacle of competitive Rocket League.


The Supersonic Series is in need of more personnel! Do you have what it takes? You will work with a team to provide a top notch experience for players and viewers. This is an opportunity for you to get your name known in the community and to further grow your personal brand. Experience is preferred, but is not necessary.


We are looking for someone with a flexible schedule (Monday and Thursday evenings from 8pm EST to about midnight. Basic requirements include minimum of 720p streaming for a crisp quality picture. Good sound quality to match the video, however dedicated mics aren't necessary. You will always work with a partner, so the ability to interact with them and Twitch chat is a must.


What we consider a bonus:

  • Familiarity with editing videos (to create highlights of the week)

  • Previous streaming experience (specifically shoutcasting)

  • Familiar with Rocket League eSports scene

  • Know how to setup and use Twitch bots and how Donation system works


When applying, include a recording of yourself, maybe even you and a buddy, casting a bot game, a friends game, or an official match so that we may assess the kind of shoutcaster you are.  For any questions or concerns you may either reach out to vVv Bagzli or Broba TC via our forum.


Stream Coordinator

The Supersonic Series staff is looking for someone who is passionate about delivering an amazing, quality stream during all of our events.


You will work behind the scenes to make sure our stream stays up, active, and consistent with the rest of the event. Making sure shoutcasters are on time and ready to go, as well as the stream for that night. You will work with your team of casters and work with admins to provide the best experience for viewers possible.

You will be managing all of the other shoutcasters. Making sure casters have everything they need to have a successful cast is the primary role of this position. You will be in charge of updating the stream title as well as managing moobot. Handling who is a mod of the channel to control twitch chat to provide a positive experience for players and for viewers. Keeping overlays/backgrounds/descriptions current and up to date is essential to keeping a stream looking professional. It is your responsibility to keep that night's event streamed and shoutcasted for the evening.

Tournament Admin

The Supersonic Series is always looking for more Tournament Administrators (TA) who are passionate about giving an amazing experience to all players. You will work in a team that aims to run successful events. It is a fast paced job, and training will be provided.


You are:

  • Running the event

  • Checking in players, make sure everyone who showed up has been accounted for on the bracket.

  • Recording Scores on the bracket and make sure it is updated so the tournament can progress and run efficiently with as little downtime between matches as possible.

  • Maintaining Discord Channels, Ensuring that all teams have a private channel to play in and keeping sure that other players are not interrupting the gameplay.

  • Keeping Steam events & announcements  up to date,we want everyone to know exactly what is going on (when, where, how).

  • Gathering feedback, this involves ensuring that everyone is getting the most out of the tournament. With feedback, we can make our events run smoother and more enjoyable for everybody. The more we learn, the easier our job will be.

  • Organize Games to be streamed (This involves communicating to the teams and shoutcasters).

  • Update leaderboards so that players can track their wins and points throughout the season.

  • You will also assist Lead Admins with any other work that is required.  Example: writing announcements, posting on forums, coming up with creative solutions to roadblocks we face).

  • Monitoring Twitch Chat is also important, we want to make sure we keep a positive environment for all players and viewers, any toxic behavior should be either reported or removed from the equation as soon as possible.


If you are new to any of this, don't worry, we will work with you to become more confident in this role.

  • To apply, send an email to with Position | Name as the title. In this email tell us a little about yourself, your level of education completed and what you want to tackle during your time with vVv. Also, share with us any relevant portfolio of work and a breakdown of your current availability. If you have an esports resume feel free to send that our way as well. If you don’t, well, we’ll guide you in crafting one if we think you’d be a good fit!