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About Rocket League Division

Founded in September of 2015, the Rocket League Supersonic Series has become an icon within the vVv Gaming community. It has seen players of all skill level compete in weekly community tournaments. With competition and community at the core, the Supersonic Series aims to be the pinnacle of competitive Rocket League for players of all skill levels.


As a streamer, you will directly be responsible for a smooth consistent stream of Rocket League matches. Rather than providing live commentary, you will work with the shoutcasters and tournament admins. Being able to stream consistently at 720p is a MUST. You will be juggling between two teams, so being able to multitask and communicate effectively is required. Experience is not required, but good hardware is! The quality of our live streams are on you, but if you think you’re up to the challenge, send us an application!


  • You must be able to stream consistently in 720p
  • You must be good at multi tasking
  • Good Communication skills
  • A flexible schedule as our tournaments run on Monday and Thursday nights.
  • Be reliable and punctual.


As a tournament shoutcaster it will be your responsibility to provide live commentary for our twitch audience, and in some situations stream matches. Experience as a shoutcaster is preferred but not necessary, however, we do require a few things:


  • Speak fluent english.
  • Familiarized with the Rocket League scene.
  • Be reliable and punctual.
  • Have good communication skills
  • A flexible Schedule is preferred, but be aware our tournaments run Mondays and Thursdays.

Stream Coordinator

The Supersonic Series staff is looking for someone who is passionate about delivering an amazing, quality stream during all of our events.


You will work behind the scenes to make sure our stream stays up, active, and consistent with the rest of the event. Making sure shoutcasters are on time and ready to go, as well as the stream for that night. You will work with your team of casters and work with admins to provide the best experience for viewers possible.

You will be managing all of the other shoutcasters and broadcasters. Making sure they have everything they need to have a successful cast is the primary role of this position. You will be in charge of updating the stream title as well as managing twitch bot. Handling who is a mod of the channel to control twitch chat to provide a positive experience for players and for viewers. Keeping overlays/backgrounds/descriptions current and up to date is essential to keeping a stream looking professional. It is your responsibility to keep that night's event streamed and shoutcasted for the evening.

Tournament Admin

As a Tournament Administrator, you will be the face of the Supersonic Series. The most vital part of the experience for participants of the tournament. You will work directly with other admins, streamers, and players. We are after prospective Admins with:


  • Experience running tournaments is preferable, but not necessary
  • Experience with Google Drive and Discord
  • Communication skills
  • A flexible schedule as our tournaments run on Monday and Thursday nights.
  • Be reliable and punctual.
  • Experience as an admin with is preferable but is not necessary.

Twitch Chat Moderator

As a Chat Moderator you will answer any and all questions in regard to the Supersonic Series, engage with viewers, moderate chat, and communicate any updates from our tournament staff via Twitch chat. You will be part of our production crew and you will help casters engage the audience and grow our stream popularity.

Video Content Producer

We are looking to expand the Supersonic Series into content production and we want aspiring video editors! Our idea is to create promotional videos and weekly highlights of the tournaments. A working understanding of editing software is required. Communication skills and project management skills are preferred. If you are looking to start making awesome content, shoot us your application and portfolio.

  • To apply, send an email to with Position | Name as the title. In this email tell us a little about yourself, your level of education completed and what you want to tackle during your time with vVv Gaming. Also, share with us any relevant portfolio of work and a breakdown of your current availability. If you have an esports resume feel free to send that our way as well.