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vVv Gaming

vVv Gaming is now hiring!

About Miscellaneous Division

Miscellaneous Division is made up job categories that are not related to any game in specific, but rather to vVv Gaming as a whole. You will find roles posted here that will be the leading factors in helping shape the image and brand of vVv Gaming.

Discord Moderator

As a chat moderator you will answer any and all questions in regard to vVv Gaming, engage with viewers, moderate chat, and communicate any updates from tournament staff via appropriate discord channels. You will also be responsible for seeking feedback from our community and improving the quality of our discord.

Web Developer

In order to expand the vVv communities, our website needs to keep up. If you have experience with building websites, communication skills, project management skills, and a flexible schedule send us your application and portfolio on past projects. We are currently looking to rebuild our website and your primary job focus will be on building the new website as oppose to maintaining the old one.


As a programmer, your job will be building a Discord Bot for vVv Gaming. The bot will aim to integrate with our existing processes and also mainstream some of the manual work that is done by our staff members. We are looking for a programmer who is well versed in C# and object oriented programming methodologies. We will provide you with an experienced mentor to help you learn and guide you along the way. In addition, we also require you to be able to work on your own without supervision with a focus on meeting weekly deadlines set by the mentor that will work with you.


Please keep in mind while we are more than happy to tutor beginner level programmers, we do ask that you first familiarize yourself with c# and Object Oriented Methodologies prior to reaching out to us.

Community Manager

New game spark your interest? No community to call home. Make vVv Gaming your home! We will help you build your vision for a community and share with you our knowledge of past experience. This job requires determination and drive, these components are necessary to building successful communities that last. Communication skills, a flexible schedule, and passion are required. Past experience is preferred but not necessary. Think you have what it takes? Send us an application.

Graphic Designer

In order to expand the vVv communities, we will need graphics to keep everyone updated. If you have experience with graphic design, communication skills, project management skills, and a flexible schedule send us your application and portfolio.

Social Media Manager

As a social media manager, your job will be to manage our social media accounts and grow our following. This is a job that requires hard work, dedication and strong communication skills.  You will need to research, communicate with staff and bring forth new ideas to interact with our followers.

  • To apply, send an email to with Position | Name as the title. In this email tell us a little about yourself, your level of education completed and what you want to tackle during your time with vVv Gaming. Also, share with us any relevant portfolio of work and a breakdown of your current availability. If you have an esports resume feel free to send that our way as well.