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vVv Gaming is now hiring!

About Minecraft Division

Minecraft division was founded on March 12th, 2017. As of the first day, it has seen a great response from the community and has been growing rapidly. Due to its fast growth, the division is looking to recruit more staff members to help maintain server and events on it.

Event Manager

The role of Event Manager is to come up new server events and/or maintain existing server events. To succeed in this role you need to have a strong passion for minecraft and be well familiarized with the game mechanics. You will work with Event Helpers to ensure the events you are in charge of are a success. Part of this role may also involve recruiting to help balance responsibilities.


As a moderator you will be in charge of promoting players to Traders, enforce the trade booth rules as well as deal with any disputes that may arise among players in regards to trading, land and anything else that may come up. Lastly you will help players resolve their problems and answer questions they may have. This role requires you to be well familiarized with game mechanics. Prior experience as a Moderator is not required but is preferred.


Your job as a Helper is to work with the Event Manager to organize the event. The manager will assign you duties and responsibilities for each of the events you are involved with. You will work as a team with the event manager and as such will help think of new and creative events we can organize on the server. This role is ideal starter role for those wishing to get more involved.

Whitelist Moderator

As a Whitelist Moderator your job is to review applications for joining the server. It will be your responsibility to improve and maintain the application process along with whitelisting approved members in game. Your job will be to ensure new players on the server know about our rules and understand the expectations we will have of them. You will also be responsible for removing inactive players from the whitelist.

  • To apply, send an email to with Position | Name as the title. In this email tell us a little about yourself, your level of education completed and what you want to tackle during your time with vVv Gaming. Also, share with us any relevant portfolio of work and a breakdown of your current availability. If you have an esports resume feel free to send that our way as well.