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vVv Gaming

Why join vVv Gaming?

vVv Gaming is a competitive video game organization with a dynamic and vibrant community. One thing that separates us from other organizations is that we believe our role in eSports is to identify talent early and help it to develop, an essential part of the growth and success of competitive gaming.


Regardless of experience, anyone with the passion and aptitude to contribute is welcome to apply. We seek to help gamers get the most of their gaming time by providing a community full of passionate people and provide opportunities to let your strengths and interests fuel your personal development. With former and current members thriving at companies such as Riot Games, Ubisoft, and Activision/Blizzard, if you're an aspiring esports/gaming professional then vVv Gaming is the place for you!


Jordan "vVv Doomhammer" Kahn - Riot Games

“When people ask me "how can I get a job in the industry?" I always tell them the same thing: whatever you're passionate about, do it. We're way more likely to hire someone who is so passionate that they found ways to do something on their own than someone who has just taken classes. vVv is the place to pursue your passions."


Josh "vVv Xell" Kim - Curse, Riot Games

"When I first started creating videos, I got in touch with the vVv community, the feedback and experience I got was invaluable. The things I learned transitioned me into a full-time position at Curse and even led to a job with Riot Games. The vVv Community is helpful and friendly, and I attribute my entrance to the scene largely due to the support from the community."


Rob "vVv RobZ" Thompson - Riot Games

"I discovered vVv back in 2007 and have since then, literally, grown up in the organization. It has taught me not only valuable skills that have been instrumental in transitioning to the video game industry, but also has taught me about myself and where my passions lie. This is a very special place. You get out what you put in. Make vVv a better place than when you first found it."


Jason "vVv Paradise" Kuntz - Ubisoft

"vVv Gaming taught me the ins and outs of content creation, moderation, and managing a community in an effective manner. The staff helped me push myself to learn life skills such as audio/video editing and photography. All of the skills that I learned in this position have helped me exceed in my job at Ubisoft. I wouldn't be where I am right now if it wasn't for vVv Gaming."


Jerry "vVv LordJerith" Prochazka - Riot Games

"Our staff works as an entrepreneurial team that drives results in the form of awesome experiences for our community and fans. We embrace those who see things differently, who aren't afraid to experiment, and who are looking to make vVv better, not just copy what others are doing. We’re looking for humble but ambitious gamers who can teach us a thing or two. We promise to return the favor."

Brief Overview:

Founded in September of 2015, the Rocket League Supersonic Series has become an icon within the vVv Gaming community. It has seen players of all skill level compete in weekly community tournaments. With competition and community at the core, the Supersonic Series aims to be the pinnacle of competitive Rocket League.

Brief Overview:

On the lookout for the next big eSport title, we came across For Honor. The arena brawler that puts skill and strategy to the ultimate test.

We plan to be the premier, competitive community for For Honor. Running tournaments, and content creation is just the beginning. If you wish to be a part of something bigger than yourself I urge you to reach out to us for the job postings listed here or inquire about other positions that may not be posted here.